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Seafarer medical certificate in Alicante

Medical certificate for boarding
Cruise passengers and ship crew.

Following the guidelines of the Ministry of transport, mobility and urban agenda, we offer you the management of the boarding certificate for sailors.

Request your medical certificate of aptitude for boarding in Alicante at Clínicas UME.

The objective of the medical examination of aptitude for maritime boarding makes it possible to guarantee that the psychophysical conditions of the applicant are compatible with the characteristics of the job and do not pose a danger to the health and safety of the individual or the rest of the crew. Said conditions should not endanger maritime navigation either. If you want to manage your sailor certificate, schedule your appointment with us on our contact form or by Whatsapp.

I want to embark as a crew member of a cruise ship or another recreational boat.
Can I obtain my medical certificate at Clínicas UME?

Yes, from Clínicas UME we manage the required documentation so that they can access as a cruise passenger and crew member of recreational boats where requested.

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